The wife of the guy I work for, also known as the Vice President of the company, said a few things recently that really puzzled me. I'm more puzzled by human behavior than anything.

First she said she never gets to eat Chinese food because he doesn't like Chinese. Which I totally don't get. Why can't she order it for herself alone. I do that all the time. Why because you are married to someone do you need to eat the same thing as they do for dinner? I don't recall where that's mentioned in the marriage vows.

Then she said she got no sleep because he was snoring all night. Again, I was perplexed. They live in a large house with many bedrooms. Why could she not sleep in another room? How does it benefit their relationship for her to lie awake in bed next to him while his snoring keeps her awake?

If they lived in a one bedroom apartment this would make sense. But she had multiple rooms from which to choose.

I get the distinct feeling when I listen to people talk about their intimate relationships that there's something I'm missing in the whole concept. She's not the first person to ever complain of a partner's snoring keeping them awake. She's not the first person to say she never got to eat a form of cuisine because her spouse didn't like it.

I don't get how people come to live by these strict and useless standards. What ever happened to individuality and personal freedom. When yo commit to someone you don't become their left hip. At least not as far as I know. You're still a separate and unique individual.

Don't even get me started on the way the younger girls manipulate their men. They're always threatening to leave them. And then the guys make some half asses paying attention gesture to keep the madness going. Taking them to lunch or some lame ass stuff like that.

Back when I was young being in a relationship seemed very important. Staying in it even more so. But then I grew up and learned. Solo is the way to go. I can't hear my own snoring. I always agree with myself about what to eat. It's not lonely. It's peaceful.