Social Conventions

It's almost mother's day. I got my mom the Hunger Games books trilogy. I don't really know why. She had made mention about he movie. Which she's yet to see. And then Amazon kinda suggested it and the rest is history. A girl in customer service who's in the desk next to mine said the movie was good. So I feel pretty good about the books as a gift.

My brother always gets her cake or pastries or something dessert like. Which is cool. She digs that. She's a junk food junkie. Loves the cookies and the cake and the ice cream. But she likes books too. I remember she bought a book recently. Which she thought, obviously. that she would enjoy. Something by Dean Koontz. But it turned out to be really bad. Really boring. Impossible to read. So I guess I had books on the brain. Seeing as how the last book she was excited to engage let her down. I hope these are better.

I'm not really certain I get the fuss about mothers. All they did was have sex during a fertile cycle. The rest was pretty much up to the fortitude of the invading sperm. I'm not really thankful for having been born. I would've preferred not to have been.

But as I understand it, this is one of those non-optional social conventions.