You know what puzzles me... how readily people with very little money spend it. I guess it shouldn't puzzle me at all. It's logical when you think about it. They spend easily, therefore, they have little money. Even so, it befuddles me. Cause they complain they have so little cash and yet they keep on wasting what they do have.

$8.00 per day on lunch times 5 days per week equals $40 per week spent on just eating a small lunch. If you bring your lunch from home it probably costs around $2 per day. A $30 savings every week. Multiply by 51 work weeks per year. $1530 savings over the course of a single year.

Then there are the gadgets. Everyone has a smart phone of one sort of another. And data plans and Internet surfing and music and video and on and on. I just have an ordinary cell phone for making ordinary calls. Even if their phones came free with the plan, which they didn't. They cost $99-299 at least. But the monthly fee is where you really lose. Instead of a frugal $20 per month they're paying anywhere from $50-$99 each month. Even the cheapest all inclusive plan is $30 extra per week. Another $1500 down the tubes. Now we're up to $3000 extra expense every year.

Then there are clothes. On which I spend next to nothing. Maybe $50-100 in a whole year. While others throw away thousands. Even if you only spend $100 per month on clothes or shoes, which most people spend more, you're wasting $1200 per year.

Makeup is another big expense people overlook. A tube of mascara can run $7 easy. Cosmetics can eat up your money quickly. $7 here and $10 there. A conservative $20 per month makeup budget results in $2400 spent every year.

I don't think most people are irresponsible. I think they just don't realize how much all these things are actually costing them. I mean, if they did, they wouldn't complain they have no money, they would just stop wasting it.