Goombas and Toadstools

The hard drive in my mother's Dell pc went kerflooey last week. It started making this awful, awful sound. Grinding itself into oblivion. Her measly 1 year warranty had not yet expired, so she spent 45 minutes on the phone with them trying to convince them that the unsavable hard drive is in fact unsavable. Eventually after many F2's, some hysterics and a few expletives they relented. Promising to dispatch a new hard drive and a person to install it.

She waited several days and that never happened. So she called back. The reference # she was given had no relation to her problem.

She spent another hour on the phone with them battling through the lower levels of tech support until finally she reached someone in the upper echelon. She was given new reference numbers and stronger assurances that the problem would be resolved quickly. We shall see.

It's funny how tech support is almost like Super Mario Brothers. You have to battle the lower beings and must first defeat them before you can reach Bowser and finally kick his ass and save the princess. Never you even mind about how grocery shopping is like playing Donkey Kong. Trust me. It just is.