Hosting Nightmares

I just want to take some special time out of my very busy day to totally rag on hosting. They are truly the spazzes of the hosting world. Virtually no tech support. And when you do reach them, they never have the answer. They actually rent out their real tech support from a third place. So it's a total nightmare trying to get any answers or anything fixed.

The one thing they have going for them is they are cheap. Very cheap. But it's not enough.

I mean, I have a cheap hosting company. It's $90 for 14 months. But they still provide adequate, even above average tech support. And they have very good help files. Their entire control panel is very intuitive and it's pretty easy to find the answer you're seeking.

OLM on the other hand has the sparsest, most uninformative knowledge base. And the few guys who answer the phones for technical help really aren't technically much help at all.

It's really sad when a miva merchant engineer can't get any work done on a miva merchant site because the miva merchant hosting company is totally clueless. They should not be allowed to be miva merchant partners. They are incompetent.

Fact is, a decent miva hosting company should be able to do the work we're paying miva to do for no charge at all. And it should take all of fifteen minutes. And no one should have to wait on hold for thirty minutes. Or sigh countless times. Or wonder what they fuck.

Back when they were still globalspacesolutions they had their shit together. I don't know what corporate coup took place, but ever since they became they have totally sucked it big time.