Mad Men Indeed

The penultimate season 5 episode of Mad Men was supposed to be shocking. Or so that is what I had been led to believe. But I think they so called shocks were a little cliched and predictable. Sally gets her first period and Lane Price commits suicide. Call me jaded, but these things had very little awe value. Of course Sally is going to get her period in an awkward situation and of course she's going to freak out about it. I suppose a lot of the writers are men and they don't know. Little girls always get their first period in an awkward manner. There is no way to get it unawkwardly. Just a fact of life. It's always abrupt, unexpected, embarrassing and inconvenient. As a matter of fact it's usually that way for many, many years thereafter. And it's the sixties. So naturally she's freaked out about it. It was still something spoken of in hushed tones back then. And it sucks no matter what era it happens to you during. It's a huge pain in the vagina.

Lane's suicide was even more predictable and yawn worthy. Of course that's what he was going to do. He was always a guy who couldn't deal. He was totally the Wesley Wyndham Price of the advertising world. Douche bag dad who always made him feel like crap. Always trying to live up to impossible expectations. Silently seething with unresolved and terminally unexpressed rage. His life had been building toward that all season long.

I've come to expect so much more from this show. But I have been disappointed ever since Don and Betty divorced. The tension between them was what really turned me on. It was so bitter and juicy. Then tension between Don and Megan is flimsy and vacuously sexual. A step down instead of up.

I would like more with the Pete and Joan characters. Pete's descent is riveting. He should fall further. And that thing between Joan and Don. There's chemistry there.