The best way of oppressing people is to convince them that they are free.

It's arguably the most evil of all oppression. People don't even know to fight against it. No country better illustrates this than does my very own. I'm not sure. We may have invented it.

Start when they are very small children and bombard them. For years on end. Use the public school system. Inundate them. Through television and sporting events and even toys. Constantly tell them over and over again how they are free - the very freest in all the land. How they live in the greatest country in the world.

Convince them they have the power, even though they don't, and they will never rebel against you. There will be no need.

Very simply. Brainwash them. But instead of brainwashing them to accept your fascism. You conceal your power. You don't flaunt it. You trick them into believing your tyranny and fascism are actually democracy and freewill. That's the trick. They have to believe they are free. That they possess the power.

This way you create an entire nation of slaves. Out of which, only a handful ever even realize they are slaves.

Brilliant really.