Touching the Future

I've been reading the Hunger Games trilogy. In book format. Interesting. Familiar, but different. I never tire of dystopia stories. I even think the reason such stories tend to persist is that we all know in the back of our brains that eventually it's bound to happen. Provided we don't blow ourselves to bits, that's the future we have to look forward to. Not so much for ourselves, but maybe for our grandchildren or great grandchildren.

As I read about Kat's hunting I wondered what I would do in her situation. Are B12 vitamins available and if so, how much would they cost. Because I'd prefer not to eat meat. Even the freely caught variety. But B12 is essential. And not to be found in plant life. Only in flesh and supplements.

I kinda envy the hunger games. I'd lose so easily. And that would be a relief.

The more I read, the more puzzled I become. About the desire to survive. The starving. The sick. The beaten. They cling to that bottom rung on the ladder.

The world is grey sketches. choices without an anchor. fumbling with the legacy of mad men.