Higher Resolution Search Engines

Here's an idea for some economic stimulus. All the major search engines currently feature 10 results per page. Let's increase that. Double it. To 20. Twice as many sites on the first page of the results. Seems silly at first glance. But if there is scrolling to be done people will keep going.

The average user puts a lot of stock in the suggestions made by searches. Being on the first page of the results inspires a lot of confidence in consumers. Having to click that next page button causes them to lose trust. I think the vast majority of searchers really believe if a site is not on the first page of the results that the site is not worth their time. Therefore, increasing the number of site that appear on that coveted first page will increase the amount of sites that users believe to be worthwhile. In the commercial world that is huge.

It seems inconsequential, but it's not. People are more than willing to scroll a bit as long as they have stayed on the same first page. But having to click that next button to get to results is like a death sentence.

This concept could even be taken a step further. You could add even more results on the first page. Of course, too much scrolling would be bad as well. But you could have columns of results. Two or three columns worth. You could fit 30-50 results on the first page without increasing the scroll to much. Search engines have been ignoring increasing monitor resolutions for years. It's time they embraced the added screen space and make it work to everyone's advantage.