Hitler's Balls

Today was another fun day at work working with mein fuhrer. Or at least he thinks he's in charge. Any time I try to offer any input at all he gets all bent out of shape. Like I just called his mom fat or something.

He seems to think he's the general and I am just a soldier. Except this isn't the military and even if it were I'd be of equal rank. I went out of my way to be cordial and respectful and patient. But if a person cannot take any input at all the problem lies with them.

He has serious issues. Really, very serious issues. He gets agitated any time someone doesn't immediately fall in line and do exactly as he says without question. He's an insane control freak. I myself have extreme issues with control freaks. My father, from whom I am estranged, was a total control freak. He tormented myself and my mother for years. Later on it fell on me to defend her from him and eventually extricate myself and her from that situation.

So needless to say, regarding me, being an obedient slave to that type of personality... that's never, ever, never, ever, never, ever going to happen.

That type of behavior just makes me crazy and rabid and vicious confrontational.

So learn to play nice with others and listen or else kill yourself. I don't care which. Just pick one and move on.