Devils That Aren't There

It's a weird feeling to hear people you like express opinions so wildly different from your own. And it's not like they are necessarily all together wrong. It's just two different perspectives for viewing the same problem,. We'll, no doubt, never agree on the solution. But one thing is universal. The system is fucked up. That at least, we can all agree on.

We get so caught up in taking sides and affiliating with parties and philosophies.

But here in America it doesn't really matter whether you're a republican or a democrats. A conservative or a liberal. The fact is, none of that has an impact at all. All your political choices are moot. All your politicians are capitalists. Out for themselves. Catering to big business and foreign interests. Making themselves and their friends richer.

They stand on their soap boxes of abortion and religions and social reform as if they actually believe in any of those causes. They just use those ideals to their advantage. Playing on the passions on the populace to garner votes. Because the seat is all they really want. That's where the power and wealth lie.

American government is neither democrat, independent nor republican. Those are illusions and distraction. It is 100% pure all capitalist. Through and through. Wealth commandeered on the broken backs of the laborers.

Real freedom comes at the expense of sharing the wealth.

Real democracies treat their workers with respect and take care of them because they recognize that they are the very foundation of the economy and the sole source the wealth.

Americans have labored for years under the misinformed belief that socialism is anti democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Socialism is a caring democracy that treats all classes equally.

Capitalism is another clever devil that has us convinced it doesn't exist.