Fraying Tethers

The world really doesn't make much sense. The whole idea behind being alive is so empty. Negative spaces we fill with delusions about our own importance.

Sleep. Eat. Fuck. Shit. Work. Rinse. Repeat. Ad infinitum. Until you're dead. Don't forget to make some new you's to do it.

I guess everyone always thinks they'll escape the maze. Or that their children will. And that might happen. For a few. But the fact is that this world depends upon most of us toiling our whole lives and never breaking free of that servitude.

The world needs workers. Lots and lots and lots of them. We're a hive. A vast and gigantic hive. And if everyone is the queen we all die. Because there's no one to make the honey.

The economy is an equation. And it only allows for a very small percentage of wealthy. For the math to work everyone else has to be underlings.

But in a truly free and equal society those workers are compensated nicely for their labors. And those who are more fortunate pay as much pay back to the laborers who've made their wealth possible. There is symbiosis. A simple set of scales that connects the rich and the poor. If that balance is not maintained, we all suffer.