Optimized Website Advertisiing

What is SEO? That question has a constantly evolving answer. What is right one day could be wrong the next. Often is. What constitutes search engine optimization is controlled, strangely enough, by the search engines. Whatever they deem as good practices are seo. Whatever they decide is bad may hurt you.

The best optimizer in the world. The most savvy web master cannot control the factors they use to determine that your site is of value. You can try to work the system. You can work hard to manipulate known weaknesses in their equations. You can even do white hat optimizing. But anything you do is only temporary. Eventually they will alter their criteria to compensate for increased manipulation. At that point you're back to starting your guesswork over and creating new campaigns designed to work upon their new approaches.

The whole notion of SEO is kind of crazy when you think about it. It wastes lots of money and tons of time and resources and by the time there are results it all goes to naught not long after and you're back starting at square one. SEO is kinda like trying to get electricity by pedalling a stationary bicycle. You pedal and pedal and pedal until finally after 5 or 10 miles of breathless exertion you get that one 60 watt bulb to cast a dim light. You finally did it, but now you're too tired to keep going. So the light just goes black a few minutes later.

Better still to invest it more tried and true approaches that don't rely on guessing games and shady outfits and questionable tactics. Good old fashioned advertising is never going to go away because it actually works. Find your target audience and promote yourself to them through legitimate and effective channels.

Direct mailing, print and even TV and radio advertising are all great ways to cost effectively drive customers to your website. Just because you're selling online does not mean you have to advertise that way.