Thorazine Hotel

I had the best idea for a reality show tonight. Put cameras in the mental ward. Where they keep the really, really crazy people. Schizophrenic delusions are really quite entertaining. Sad, but very entertaining. I was in the psych ward for a while once and it really is quite the interesting place to be.

The human brain is a complex and misunderstood organ. Full of mysteries and wonders.

This show could even help people and provide charitable assistance. If the patients were to agree to be filmed and broadcast the show could pay for their health care costs. It would be far cheaper than the big cash prizes they typically give away to the crazies on other reality shows. So not only would it be great entertainment for the viewers, it would also be socially constructive. Instead of rewarding lunatics with lots of money and camera time, it would help lunatics with lots of money and camera time. They sound the same, but they are actually very different.

America loves to watch crazies bug out on TV. We already know this. It's the concept for every reality show currently on TV. I just think we'd love some real crazies better than all those hair extensions and spray tan fakers.

And helping people. Um, yeah. That's important too.

Fuck bachelor pad. That show sucks. Bring on the Thorazine Hotel.

Are you listening Fox? this has your name all over it. And I except handsome compensation.