Virtual Capitalist Pigs

So we're basically back to square one concerning promoting the business. I was in the military guy got fired. Finally. It's ironic. He had such a huge impact on everything except the one thing he was supposed to change. He made everyone miserable. Created so much tension. Disrupted the whole place. But the one thing he had been hired to do... he didn't increase actual orders at all.

So now we're starting over, again. Trying to figure out a game plan. Or some kinda road map to follow. I think we know where it is we want to go. Just not sure the best route to get there. It's tricky terrain.

This whole google panda thing is a big eye opener. You can't trust search engines. You can't trust the Internet. E-commerce took the world by storm 10 or 15 years ago. It changed everything and it changed nothing.

Everyone thought it was this big revolution. That how we do business would change. That everyone would have the same fair chance. That didn't last very long. When you operate under a capitalist theocracy eventually the little guy get squished. Turned back into faceless labor. Virtual stores and virtual marketing may have begun as something different. Something liberal and free. But like everything else in America, they too, have become a part of the insatiable money machine.