Dark Matter

People are disgusting. Bipedal cockroaches. Humanity is a global plague. They are all delusional. Self important. In denial. Vicious. Cruel. Presiding over the kingdom of Earth with a spiked and iron fist. Abusing its resources and callously exploiting the other lifeforms that share the planet. In short, people are evil. The most pure form of evil I've ever encountered. They choose to ignore or worse condone the torture of perceived 'lower' beings.

Surely greed existed before man did. There were probably woolly mammoths that hogged the watering hole. But people really perfected the art of it. Consistently growing their population with utter disregard for any other creatures that share our planet. Enslaving and using them any way that suits them. For profit. For growing their numbers.

The strange thing about humanity is that it persists in believing itself to somehow be more important than the other creatures that share its world. So much so that it has little issue with making them suffer to further its own interests.

The strange thing about humanity is that it has none. Just liek any virus or plague. It multiplies without regard for the damage it does. It attacks and consumes everything in its path. Hopelessly unaware or unwilling to acknowledge the damage it does. With a limitless supply of superiority and self importance cultivated by all order of religions and the greedy profiteering corporations.

Most people live their lives in ignorance. Eating animals they never think about or even acknowledge ever lived. Comforting themselves with lies about cage free eggs and grass fed beef. Pretending the evil in the world is no on their dinner plate. Stuffing the world with ever more human. Increasing the demand for crueler farming.

I'm not a fan of the bible. In fact, I think it's complete bullshit. But a plague or two would do us some good.