Dogtooth Movie

Dogtooth might be the most bizarre movie I've ever seen. Aweseomly bizarre. Bizarre in all the best ways. Totally weird and fucked up and wonderful. If only all movies could be this way. what a world that would be. Fans of weird movies will revel in this peach from Greece.

Dentist will not like it. Those opposed to nudity will cringe. Folks that get nauseated from incest should steer clear. Violence always happens. As well as completely untrue vocabulary definitions.

It's gritty and disgusting and mind bending. Everything a movie should be. If that's the sort of movie that turns you on. Best 90 minutes I've wasted in a long time.

Thanks Greece. For this movie and for hummus. Delicious. Damn you for the yogurt. Bleck.

Sorry you're bankrupt.