Socialism and Communism

What's the difference between socialism and communism? Not a question that's often asked. At least not in America. Because most Americans think they are one in the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Socialism and communism share some pricinples, but are completely different political agendas.

Communism is a social construct in which no one can ever be rich. All are supposed to be equal. Communisms supposes that is all workers are equal all will work just as hard and all will experience the same level of benefits. Communism is an idealist policy that works well on paper, but not so much in practice. The philiosophy doesn't take into account the needs of the individual. It homogenized all people into drone workers buzzing to serve the hive. Like the Borg of Star Trek the Next Generation, communism castrates the individual to serve the collective. It's not something most human really appreciate. We value our sense of self and our individuality.

Socialism on the other hand is just a form of democracy that is more thoughtful and caring. In the socialist ideal the wealthy and the better off help to offset the cost of living for the less fortunate. Social programs as prevalent. They are not deemed entitlement programs. They are the rights of every citizen. If a rich person is suddenly stricken poor they have just as much right to social aid as the unwed mother and the unemployed farmer. The core pricinple of socialism is that we take care of each other. Whosoever has the power and the wealth shares it with those who do not. They are still rich, but they are generous with their good fortunes. They vote and elect leaders the same as we do in our capitalist democracy. They have representatives and freedom. They just have a more connected society. They know that the lowly worker is just as important to the function of the economy as is the most powerful. The minumum wage janitor is equal to the captain of industry. And when you are stricken with unemployment or ill health or whatever woe life mgiht throw at you, you are supported by your fellow citizen. Social programs and government safety nets are the right of everyone. Thye are not entitlement programs. Those that use them are not burdens on society. Each perosn pays into the sytem what they can. Each perosn can therefore take from the system when it is needed. In short, all are connected. The wealthy and the middle class and the poor are equals. Sharing the collective social responsibility.

Unlike Americans always only out for themselves, socialism demands the people care for those around them. Unlike in America, where some have great health care and others have none, socialism makes sure all have equal health benefits.

Socialism is a form of government where all individuals are expected to pay their fari share in the good of the collective. The wealthier are expected to pay more. The very poor, next to nothing. In America the rich get to retain all their money. Horde it for themselves. They are allowed to leave the poor to fend for themselves. Even though the poor are the ones who make their wealth possible. Socialism emphasizes responsiblity to those in your community. Socialism acknoweldges and embraces the fact that without the poor and middle class laborers there wouldn't be any wealth at all.