Another Holocaust

when Hitler and Moussolini came into power the people of their respective countries just went along with them. Those are the guys in charge, they must've thought to themselves, much the same as we do everyday. What can we do they probably lamented. Same as we often have.

If Hitler were to arise in politics in America today, he would be followed the same as he was by the German people back in the 30's and 40's. We're no better. In fact, we're worse. We haven't learned anything from history.

While there isn't any one individual politician that can be likened to Hitler, the body politic of America certainly can.

If only for the fact that we need to break free from this oppressive regimen of voting for rich dickhead a over rich dickhead b year after meanginless year. The illusion of choice is a powerful weapon. If only for the fact that the government takes all of our money and spends it on call girls for CIA agents.

If we think of Hitler as a concept rather than a man, we can see the parallels between him and our current state of government. It's the same mass hysteria he used to persuade the German people that the minorities were to blame for all their problems that we're using to today to frighten people into obeying a corrupt system. Fear of terrorism and attack levied like bombs on the psyches of citiziens. A strong and stern and impossibly large government more machine than man. all of us afraid of it. it's slavery. in every sense of the word.