Dark Conception

I'm not sure I've ever been happy. What if I'm incapable of it. People don't get it. I prefer to be by myself. Socializing is unpleasant.

On the Walking Dead they cut off a guy's leg with an ax, just so he wouldn't die. I'd rather die. Just shoot me in the head. It isn't worth all that suffering just to be alive.

What is life really. Just a random confluence of events that lead to conception. An arbitrary series of microscopic big bangs creating each of our small universes. Nothing special. Just science and biology on their endless collision course.

Most of us were born for two simple and very mundane reasons. Our parents were horny and our parents were fertile. Our conception had no meaning beyond the primal impulses of our mother and father. even babies not born of sex suffer the same trite fate. Gay parents. Infertile couples. They procreate for one reason one or two reasons only. To make a new version of themselves. But mostly to manufacture a person who will always love them no matter what. That's why people have children. That's what it's all about. That's why the Earth is 7 billion people heavy and growing. Because everyone wants to be loved. And having a child is the only way to guarantee you will be. We're all selfish. All of us. We want what we want and we bulldoze through life trying to take it. But parents are the most selfish of us all. They create life. Decide a child must be born to fill the gaping holes in their own life. Parents don't give life. They use it up.