Power Surges

I broke up with my girlfriend the other day. It had been a long time coming. Relationships are like fruit. Chewy skin. Pierce it to taste the succulent and sweet meat. Oh, but then hurry. Eat it all up before it turns brown and wrinkly and bitter.

I guess not all relationships are that way. Just the ones I've been in and the ones my relatives have been in and the one my friends and acquaintances have been in. The status of strangers relationships is still unknown to me. So there may be hope yet.

I know this one girl, she has the worst boyfriend ever. Maybe not THE worst. But in the top ten. I don't know her well. BUt she's talkative and open and doesn't conceal much. I don't understand why she's stayed with him so long. 9 or 10 years I believe. Maybe it was much better before I knew her. I've only known her around 6 months. Perhaps their relationship was much more rewarding before then. I couldn't say for sure. I just wonder why she accepts how it is now. She's pretty and has an outgoing and upbeat personality. In fact, most consider her very attractive. She could easily be in any number of more rewarding relationships if only she ditched this current one.

But it's not just her. I've known plenty of women who follow the same exact pattern. 9 out of 10 I would say, simply stick with their current beaus regardless of whether or not they are being fulfilled. Women really need to check themselves and realize they don't need men. Men need them. The straight ones anyway. And they should demand some respect and not be putting up with this bullshit.

In the hetero world women have all the power. They just don't know what to do with it.