What really hurts is the betrayal. After so many years that's exactly what it is. Especially when I consider the circumstances which led up to it.

After about 10 years of being the sole person responsible for designing and maintaing half a dozen websites and making sure all of them got enough visitors the landscape began to change. It became more and more challenging to do both tasks effectively. I said as much on numerous occasions. I explained that web design and seo had diverged and become to separate jobs. I told him he needed a full time marketer.

So what does he do? This guy who's already up to his ears in debt. He hires a professional SEO firm at the rate of ten grand per month. Can you say extreme? He then pays them insane amounts of money for months on end for them to compose about 5 blog entries.

So then he hired some dopey kid with no experience and demanded immediate results from the poor guy. When that didn't happen he hired some defector from the original professional SEO firm to come work for him directly. He actually hired some guy who had worked for the original rip off place. Some guy from Philadelphia who was willing to drive 2.5 hours each way to work in bum fuck south jersey shore. Because there aren't any professional jobs in Philly. A major metropolitan city. No. All the good jobs are secreted away in tiny towns along the New Jersey shoreline. That's not a red flag. Not at all.

Not only did he hire this shady character and pay him lots of money, he didn't even make him do the job. Instead he hired assistants for this guy so this guy could just sit around and tell other people what to do.

When all that finally blew up in his face he waited til a week before he was ready to fire me to tell me I had to do the SEO again myself. That I should be researching keywords and writing meaty copy for all the pages. Even if I could do those jobs on top of my own, a week isn't time enough to do anything of consequence. 

What's funniest about this whole thing is how it's all come full circle. When I first came to work for him he was on the brink of going out of business. Up to his ass in debt. 2nd and 3rd mortgages. Of course, when he lured me away from my current job back then, he had misled me into thinking I was coming to work for a healthy company. By the time I found out the situation, it was too late. My best option was to stay and try to make it work. And stay and make it work I did.

And for a good solid 5 or 6 years it did work very well. And it worked well in large part because of the work that I did.

The original problems all came back again in part because I was making it work. He got cocky and thought he could grow the business even bigger. He added tons of additional inventory, many additional workers and way more costly warehouse space. What he didn't add were any additional web designers, seo or marketing personnel of any kind. He added all the components of a larger business and just expected that by some feat of magic or miracle that I alone would add more Internet traffic and more orders to support all of that. And because this massively flawed agenda back-fired I got blamed and lost my job.

Betrayed. There's no other word for it.


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