Power Outage Update

I just want to clarify and add more to my Hurricane Sandy blogs. On Wednesday November 7 electric crews trucked in from Virginia worked in the cold and snow to fix our downed power lines and gave us back our power. Kudows to them!

Unfortunately, the noreaster brought wet heavy snow and after only a few hours with power, it went out again. WTF! I know. I feel especially bad for those folks who rushed home thinking their ordeal was over. We were fortunate in that we decided to wait til morning to return home. That saved us a trip.

We wre without power for a total of 13 days minus about 4 horus between restoration and noreaster loss.

Luckily the weather took a warm turn and our house never got below 50 degrees.

The first time we lost power during Sandy it was very obvious why. An eletrical wire on fire in the street outside our development offered clues. A downed tree in the drooping power lines and a street lamp a few feet in the other direction with its pole snapped in half also painted a picture of a long wait for restoration.

We stuck it out two nights in our cold, dark house. Then we fled to Philadelphia. There were no hotels to be had in the state of New Jersey. We expected a week's wait or so. We were half right I guess.

What I wonder is why we're always at the bottom of the list. Everyone else gets fixed before us. I realize there are certain priorities they must attend to first. Hospitals, schools. gas stations, senior citizien housing. But what exactly determines priotiy after that. How do some residences get their power back in a couple of days while others wait in the dark for almost two weeks. Our homes were structurally sound and undamaged by the storms save for a few missig roofing shingles. We are 5 miles inland from the shore. Why were we on the bottom of the lsit. We were literally the last 1% to be restored.

I know someone has to be last. But it shouldn't always be the same someones.