Suicide Reality Show

My new reality TV show idea which would star myself. Watch me try to commit suicide. I'll try various methods and together we'll discover which ones are practical and which ones are not. Kind of like a myth busters for killing yourself. Or an antiques roadshow appraising the best suicide techniques. We'll even have special guest who will also attempt to commit suicide using their own unique methods. Cash awards paid to those who succeed.

As far as reality shows go, I really believe this one is a winner. The only problem is keeping it staffed with folks willing and ready to kill themselves for fame and fortune. Hmmm... it's probably not that hard to find people to do that. People have being doing that for centuries. All we're doing is allowing others to watch.

That's entertainment.

I for one would be psyched to watch such a show. I would be interested to learn the pain factors involved with various methods as well as the average success rates. Knowledge is power.

Reality TV could use a boost anyway. Everyone knows the people on Survivor aren't being starved anymore. Heck, they aren't even dirty. I think Jeff got tired of smelling them. This is just what the world needs. People trying to take their own lives on camera. As far as the evolution of humanity is concerned, this is clearly the next logical step.