Arrogant Douche Bag

I have an interview tomorrow. Another one the next day. I haven't been on a job interview in over 15 years. I've only been on one or two in my entire life. When I find a job I like I stick with it. And it stuck with me up until recently.

The world is all topsy turvy. I did my job. I did it well. I should still have my job.

It wouldn't bother me so much except for the circumstances surrounding it.

For a good number of years I was the websites. I made it all happen. Added the merchandise and made the traffic happen. The boss bought an $800,000 house and a Lexus thanks to the websites I alone created and maintained.

When things went south because he thought he was hot shit and over bought and expanded facilities without expanding orders I got blamed. I never claimed to be able to 'grow' the business. I never told him to rent a bigger warehouse or to order more stuff. What I did tell him was that marketing was becoming a separate job. I told him this on numerous occasions. He didn't listen until it was already too late.

When he hired a so called professional SEO company he paid them $10,000 for a few months work. He paid them all that money and accepted nothing but a few blogs posts in return. This went on for a good 4 or 5 months before he finally fired them.

Then he hired a so called professional SEO guy. A defector from the original SEO company. Smart move there. Hire a guy who used to work for the company that screw you. Brilliant. He paid that guy goodness knows how much. Gave him paid assistants. And let him literally do nothing for over 5 months other than drive me crazy with useless changes.

Then he let me work for a few months thinking things were back to normal again.

Then he burdened me with automate this datafeed and keep that inventory updated weekly. That went on for a month or so. He said he was working on marketing and social networking and that things were looking up.

Then he said I had to step things up and get us more traffic again. Even though he knew taking care of the websites and doing SEO are two distinct jobs. He never offered me an assistant. Even though I said the work was more than one person's worth on numerous occasions.

After a week or two he told me I wasn't doing good enough and gave me the axe.

What a douche thing to do. It's not my fault you don't know how to run a business. You never have. Your business was in the toilet when you first hired me way back when. You tricked me into coming to work for you. Pretending it was doing well. It only prospered because of me. That's a fact. There was no one else running the web sites. So it had to be me.

You could've stayed small and been fine. But you had to be a big shot.