Despair and Candy

I've often pondered why society is the way that it is. Why do we congregate in micro-societies. Why do we make friends and find mates and create yet more lives. What drives these desires and what provokes us to try to satiate them. It certainly has puzzled me for my whole life.

Why do we generally dress all in the same way and those who don't are outsiders. Are we in any way superior to any of the other animals on Earth. Why must we work in teams and collaborate. Are we no different from ants. Why do we have money at all. How did our world evolve to such a fragile and intense state of precariousness and desperation. Clearly we are actually quite inferior to all the other animals with which we share this plaent. We fucked up everything. Made ourselves miserable and destroyed the environments. Made our lives difficult and frustrating and happiness nearly impossible to achieve.

But no, we're not that powerful. We didn't make all these things happen. They've always been true. For the others animals and for us. It's just nature being nature. And like all those in its grip... from the ant to the elephant, we are no different. Maybe more hopeless yet. Because we think we can change.