Equal Rights for All T-Shirts and Clothing

Here's the thing about life - it's a lot like a lizard. In that if you cut off its tail, a new one just grows back in its place. You can't subtract from or add to it. That's a law of physics. Matter is as matter does. There is this much of it. No more. No less. You can't delete it and you can't create more of it. It's this realization about life that first gave birth to my love affair with the funny t-shirt and the wearing of it thereof.

Here's another thing I'll bet you didn't know about funny t-shirts and their scientific properties. They are a lot like drugs. On a molecular level they are virtually the same. Their chemical structure is so similar that many people have been known to get high simply from wearing a funny t-shirt for an extended period of time. All over the world hundreds of thousands of people become addicted to wearing funny shirts every day and that number is always on the rise. From a scientific point of view heroin and funny tees are fraternal twins.

The evolution of t-shirt form mere torso covering to political statement and asserter of one's personality was slow, yet distinctive. This kind of progress doesn't happen overnight. We can only guess at the countless number of cotton bales that died or were sacrificed to give t-shirts the freedom to express themsleves and be treated equally to pants and socks. It's a sad part of apparel history that must not be forgotten by the t-shirts that are so fortunate to enjoy such liberties today. Let us not forget the v-necked heroes who fought with sarcasm and rubber so that our children could live in a world where clothing has the right and the freedom to express itself.

Nowadays all kinds of clothing and shirts live together in harmony as unified society. The plain tee, the printed, the funny t-shirt and even the scoop neck all have the same civil liberties and enjoy one another for their unique differences.

Now if only we could achieve the same for shampoo and conditioner the world would be a beautiful place.