Life for Sale...Cheap

it's raining. whenever it rains i always feel lost. stranded. it's always raining. it never stops.

i got my first job i'm pretty sure because of my jewish last name. i knew what i was doing, but there were plenty of other people who did too. better.

i got my second job because i was young and easy and slept with the guy. i didn't sleep with him to get the job. it just worked out that way. he wasn't a great business man. i wasn't a great web designer. it was a pathetic pairing. but together we managed to make it work. for a while any way.

we only had sex the one time. neither of us was really into it. but he needed someone to update his web sites. and he offered me more money than i was currently making and a job way closer to home.

my third job, well, i'll have to get back to you on that. since it hasn't happened yet.

i'm pretty certain i'm the world's worst interviewee. i don't really belong as a part of the human race. they are a large planet of alien creatures to me. i don't understand their customs or their rituals. they find me strange and off putting. there are numerous jobs at which i could easily excel, but no one wants to hire a creepy extraterrestrial when there are so many friendly earthlings from which to choose.

i'd prefer to just die. given the choice. there are only two things i enjoy. drinking and eating. everything else is just tedious. i'd prefer to just die. life isn't about drinking and eating. but all the rest of it is lost on me. totally wasted.

it's too bad i can't have a sale. or an auction. one slightly used life up for purchase to the highest bidder. wouldn't it be so cool if that were possible. all over the globe there are people actually dying who want so badly to live. wouldn't it be great if i could give them my life. i say for sale, but i'd do it for free.

i've tried. i really have. but i'm no good at it. i just don't get it. don't like it. don't see the point.

still. it such a shame to waste it. when so many are wanting. it would be nice if someone else could make use of it.