Military Surplus Stores Online

Have you ever shopped for camouflage clothing online? Or looked for military surplus gear to buy off the internet? It sounds simple, but it's not. So many places just plain such. Not real surplus or high prices or low stock. It's a pain in the butt. It's frustrating.

I wanted to go deer hunting with a friend. I had never been before, but he was gonna coach me. But it was really hard to find the right supplies. My friend told me to look for military surplus stores, but he hadn't warned me how hard it would be to find the right one.

I needed some cold weather camping gear and some hunting supplies and some clothing and boots. I didn't want to wait long and I definitely didn't want to pay a lot for shipping. I get so angry when I find what I want at a store at a reasonable price only to find all the so called savings are lost in the high price of shipping and handling. It's unethical and it's just plain wrong. A store should post their genuine price and not hide the rest in the shipping.

Have you had similar issues shopping online for military surplus supplies for your outdoor recreational activities? If so, how did you fare? Did you find a reputable dealer and if you did how did you discover them. And most important... did you have a good time on your outing?