Pontificating on Sex Toys

Have you ever used sex toys by yourself or with a partner? This has always been a curiosity of mine. I've often thought about, even considered, purchasing a dildo or a vibrator for my own personal use. I wonder though, what the best way to keep one clean is. If lubricant is required. How fast they blow through batteries. Are the AC kind with an adapter that plugs in the wall a better ride?

Sounds great in theory. Like some superman fucking machine, perfect cock that never gets tired and never ejaculates before you've had your 3 or 4 orgasms. But I hesitate. I question how much imagination is required to really achieve the desired results. If you just lay there thinking about the fact that you're being fucked by motorized latex in the shape of a phallix how much are you really going to enjoy the event. I assume you have to engage in a little fantasy.

I have practice in that department. Who doesn't. Everyone masturbates. Pretend you're having sex with someone dreamy and impossibly out of reach. Standard fare to say the least.

Then I ponder sex with someone else, a human and a sex toy of some sort. Perhaps something in the cockring series. I can totally picture that. Little vibrating nubs stroking and humming on my clit while his cock thrusts in and out. That's totally hot. That's pretty erotic just to think about.

I also wonder about male sex dolls. I know they're probably mostly designed with gay guys in mind, but do the ladies ever use them. And if so, is it any good?


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