Ritual Tortue

I went for a job interview today at Target. Interesting experience. You know what really weird about life. The way we all fake it so much. And we all know we're faking it, but we are expected to just keep on doing that.

Like job interviews. You have to dress nice. Doesn't matter what the job is. Why? How does that speak to your qualifications or ability. It only indicates that you can try on clothes and buy clothes and wear clothes. So unless the job is about doing those things, how is it relevant?

Like how we're expected to give certain answers to questions during our interviews. You can google Target questions easily and prepare your answers. So what exactly is it telling them? Only that you've used the Internet to find out what they will ask you and what you should say in reply. It gives them absolutely no insight into how well you perform the job. I just said what I thought they wanted to hear.

Other interviews work in a similar fashion. Give stupid answers to stupid questions. Lie and ass kiss and hope you're a better sycophant than the other applicants.

It's briliant really. If liars and mindless sheep are the people you want working for you.

I don't understand people anyway. Work. fuck. reproduce. Why are they happy doing these mundane things? Talk to each other. Lie to each other. Pretend to like each other. It's awful. It's torture. I'm pretty certain I died several months back and have been in hell ever since.

Cause everyone knows when you're dead you don't know it. I learned that from the movies. So it must be true.