The Wonder of the Funny T-Shirt

I often wonder how the people who work for funny t-shirt companies come up with all the ideas that they do. How does one consistently do that day in and day out? It seems an impossible task. Maybe that's just not how it's done. Probably not. How is it done then?

Are there monkeys in holding tanks throwing velcro words at blank shirts until a funny combination finally sticks? Are there anorexics being force fed humorous phrases until a few of them finally regurgitate some good ones? How is this epic task accomplished on such a regular basis? Is there magic involved? Jesus? God? Satan? How on Earth do they do it and have been doing it for lo these so many decades.

I also wonder, why the bulk of the funny for clothing is so confined to t-shirt mostly. Sure you'll see the occasional funny baseball cap or pair of crew socks. But for the most part the majority of apparel humor is reserved for the t-shirt above all other forms of clothing. It's an interesting socio-economic phenomenon. Do you suppose I could acquire a government grant to study why this is so. It could have far reaching implications for the future of both the humor industry as well as the shirt industry. Not to mention the impact it might have on the quality of life for all t-shirt wearing Americans and their sarcastic garments budgeting.

The more you know...