X + Y - V = Q

I wake up in the morning. I listen to the dogs next door bark. Make a sandwich. Bread. Tofurkey. Kidney beans curry. A handful of almonds. I wonder why the world is so hollow. That it's so narrow. Why outgoing and fast paced and self motivated is the only way to be. Why the world feels itself so deserveing of so much of our effort and strength. Wonder why $8 an hour has the nvere to demand so much. It seems just barely a step up from slavery.

I wake up in the morning and wonder why people want to live. In this fast paced and demanding world where all that effort is rewarded with a piss in the face.

I think people only want to live because that is all they know. Being alive. Clinging to it. And as much as they claim to believe in something more. God or heaven. They don't really. Otherwise they wouldn't be so afraid of the end.

I sit there in the afternoon. Listening to the dogs next door. Snarl at the world outside their window. And I can almost understand. The fear and the rage. The angry reaction to being powerless.

The difference is they accept what they are. Are content to just shout at the monsters. Even if the monsters simply choose to ignore them.

While I wait for answers.