Animal Farm Wisdom

the hippopotamus seldom speaks. but when he does it's always profound. simple sundries that take on a larger form. tempting bridges slick with ice and other sides. we can wait for the universe to give us a sign. or we can follow the ones that have been there all along.

the kitten doesn't do algebra, but sometimes she's seduced by the math. that addition and subtraction are partners. that division facilitates multiplying.

there are words that speak for us. and there are the kind that we are spoken by. if we are lucky, we can tell them apart.

the giraffe rarely dances. the music is always too fast. the elephant prefers not to kneel. the ground being too soft.. the hyena sometimes cries. when the night isn't listening.

but all of them walk. run. fall. all of them speak. fuck. hunger. die. sleep.

there are the choices that we make. and the ones that make us. wisdom is knowing the difference.

fortune is having the money to buy the t-shirt that proves it.