Canine Contritions

So my neighbors have not one, but two dogs. A black one and a white one. How very Seinfeld of them. The one dogs cry barks whenever they leave it alone. It just laments very loudly that there are no people there with it. And there are often no people there with it.

This seems cruel to me. To have a dog and leave it alone alll the time. In my opinion that is abuse.

If I yell loud enough, it stops barking. Sad really, That it's so lonesome.

It doesn't seem right. To leave dogs cooped up all the time in a small condo. If you don't have the the time to spend with your pets then you ought not to have the pets.

What if they need to pee or shit. They're just forced to sit there waiting for when you might return. It's cruel. No wonder they cry.

People have always treated animals this way though. They are property. I disagree. Animals are not proprety. They are just as relvevant as we are. desrving of the same respect. To lock them up in a house all day without any interaction or activity is wrong. A crime by any measure.

People like to live in a fantasy where they are more important than the other creatures of Earth. They slike to think they have dominion over the rest of the animlas. This is very sad.

Moreso because human created domestic animals. bastardized the natural wild creature for their own pleasure. and now they abuse it and take it for granted. People are evil. In every sense of the word.