Dead or Alive

I always feel like I'm dead all day. Trapped in a coffin as I tumble through the world awkwardly on display. I always feel like I'm in a cage. Shackled to each breath as it drags me into the next wasted moment. I always feel tired. Like something heavy is pressing down on me.

Every morning I wake up feeling lost. Like I've been dropped into an alien world. And whatever world I was taken from is dead or too far away.

Are you familiar with American Horror Story season one? The daughter on that show tries to overdose on pills, but the creepy boyfriend/dead guy revives her. It's only much later that she learns she did in fact die that night. I sometimes think that has happened to me. That when I took those pills and woke up thinking they didn't work that I was mistaken. That I've been dead ever since. And I was so wrong about death being the end and now I'm trapped in this personal hell forever and ever.