I love Star Trek. I adore the time travel episodes and the alternate universes and the plethora of rifts which occur in the space time continuum. It's all good.

My favorite episode is the one where Worf keeps shifting between a multitude of realities that vary only marginally from one another. In one he won the bat'leth tournament. In another he placed third. In still another he lost in the first round. In one universe he is married to Counselor Troi and one more she is a chocolate birthday cake with blue frosting which he hungrily eats.

No wait. That's a different episode.

Nevertheless, time travel fascinates me. Always has. Going back. Going forward. Multiverse. It's all amazingly complex and intriguing. And I know I'm not alone in this obsession. Most people share it. As is evidenced by our compulsion to watch reruns over and over again and our desire to collect the DVDs for mediocre TV series.

Backward time or going back in it is something we all crave on a molecular level. To relive. To redo. A second chance. Who doesn't want that.