Bad Business

I was really good at my job. I hope I don't sound bitter, though I suspect that I probably will. It's just not right. It's not totally wrong either. But it definitely isn't right. I'm not speaking from a moral stand point. But more from a business persepctive. That's what jobs and work are mostly about afterall.

True, I couldn't bring in the same numbers I had in the past. It wasn't for lack of trying. Although, I imagine I could've done a little bit more. Not much more. But a little. Would that little bit more have had any significant impact I'm not certain. Perhaps. Perhaps I even could have done a little more than a little bit more.

I even might have done one or both given the chance. And it might've, maybe helped.

I pretty much built that empire. Or it was built by him upon my foundation. Simply put, it woudln't exist without me.

The not fair part is mostly that. I was told to step up my game a week before. I did, but no time for results.

Other people who do less kept their job. Other people will never lose their job because of nepotism. If he'd married my mother instead I'd still be employed and I'd hardly have to work at all.

I'm pissed and bitter. No doubt. But I'm also mostly right.