Badly Broken

when is Breaking Bad coming back? it seems like i've been waiting forever. although, in truth, i'm not that happy about watching the final episodes. i don't want it to end. this is one of those rare shows that comes along only once every 50 years or so. the kind where you literally fall in love with the characters. are completely invested in everything that happens to them. it's as real as anything you've ever actually lived.

when i first started watching i never could have guessed that Jesse would wind up as the moral center. But there he is, the heart and soul of it all. While everyone else descends into madness and corruption, Jesse alone remains true to his convicitions.

It's nice that the show paints the portrait of a recovering addict in such a favorable light. They deserve that. They get far too much bad press. They are are beautiful and admirable as anyone. Maybe moreso.