Craigslist Fake Jobs

I may be the last one to this party. It might already be common knowledge for others. I'm not sure. But I think that 99% of jobs on craigslist are fake. I've applied to so many for which I am very qualified. And have received so few responses.

I've seen numerous posts from irate people about how fake they are. They very seldom jive with what the major job boards have. Lesson learned.

Someone really ought to investigate. Crack down. Or whatever. It's really bad. In this economy. To lead people on like that.

So much time wasted reading and responding. For naught.

If there are companies posting real want ads on craigslist they need to separate themselves form the fakes. The easiest way to do this is post your ad on a real job site. You need a worker, spend the money to find one.

You expect us to put in the effort to obtain the job. Are you not obligated to put forth the effort required to find the ideal candidate. Fair is fair.

Not that anything is fair since Clinton left office.