Tax Cheats

It's a hard thing to be an introvert in this world. It doesn't sound like much, but it is difficult. It basically makes you noticeably different from 99% of the population. Not just different, but off puttingly so. Social creatures become uncomfortable around those who are not.

I can't prove it, but I may have lost my job because of it. Or at least that was likely a major factor. The other one being socialism. I think I lost my job because I'm an introverted socialist who's also an atheist. The things they would say in the office were just cringe worthy if you're me. They'd agree with the birthers. They'd call Obama a muslim. That all gun control was wrong. That the tea party was right. That welfare was all imimigrants and minorities. They totally had no problem with the CEO of Chick-Fil-A hating gay marriage. They liked him for it.

But they'd turn around and take advantage of all the social programs they could. And they totally cheated on their taxes - BIG TIME! I never outright voiced my objectives. But little things mentioned here and there painted the picture for them of my opinoins and value system.

They knew I was vegan. That I was environmentally conscious. That I wasn't necessarily straight. That I was an atheist with a jewish father. That I favored the european mindset over the american. That I believed in the socialist ideal. I don't have to say much for people to figure me out by my demeanor, dress, choice of music and the car I drive. And with them I actually said a little bit on top of that.

I should probably sue for wrongful termination. You can't legally be fired because you're a socialist or an atheist or a vegan or a lesbian. Not in a supposedly free country. We're still a free country i think, at least in that respect. But litigation is costly.

I guess they didn't consider that I might rat them out for tax evasion. That wouldn't cost me anything at all. I reported everything they paid me even though it was off the books. They on the other hand have been cheating for at least 12 1/2 years. Reporting employee wages as half what they are. Or not reporting it at all. For multiple employees. From 4-10  fluctuating over time. If they lie about all that, they no doubt have misrepresented other financial aspects of the business, its inventory, expenses and payroll and who knows what else. A liar is a liar. A cheat is a cheat. In everything they do.

I will surely gain great satisfaction from exposing them.