Barren Martyrs

I'll tell you why I love French movies. Because they always manage to achieve so much depth. They are masters at turning stomach turning situations into transcendance. The movie Martyrs is yet another fine example of how adeptly the makers of french films maange to touch the heavens from deep in humanity's lowest depths.

They don't always succeed. At least not in my opnion. But they always try.

In America all the movies are empty. Or of contrived meaning. Once in a blue moon there's a stand out. But the fact of it is, we seldom try. We make movies not as art, but as commodities.

The french make movies the same way they make love and food. For pleasure and for elevation. They don't make movies to make profit. They make movies because they have something to say.

In America, we have nothing to say and our movies relfect that. We are a vapid and empty culture devoid of anything worth exploring. We are dolls. Hollow plastic skins in the shape of people. We can be made to piss and cry and shit, but it's an illusion. There is nothing inside us.