New Frontiers

I have more fun with plumbing the other day. Got to install a new faucet for the first time. It was pretty neat. An enjoyable experience overall. It felt good to accomplish something like that. After years of paying plumbers way too much money, it was quite liberating.

I played with plumber's putty. Which was a lot like play dough. I used teflon tape. Which was similiar to cotton candy.

The old faucet came out rather easily with a socket wrench. I just lock socket wrenches and the way they ratchet. I love the sound and the motion and the idea of them. They are one of the most simple examples of humanities superiority. That we can design a tool that gives us strength from the principles of its mechanics.

The new one went in almost as easily.

The drain thingy that's meant to open and close the hole in the sink was the only stumble on my journey. The parts went together quite simply. The concept was simple. It was just hard to tighten that little nut. Without a small wrench, I had to use a pliers. Bent back there in the dark of the basin. On my back. Without leverage. It was difficult with my very small hands to get the pliers to grasp the nut single handedly. Still, a little patience and persistance was all it really required.

One more faucet to go and we'll be good again for a while.