nvidia fan issues

Computer problem. As if I don't have more than my share of others. I did a windows update and an avast update and my PC decided it no longer wishes to boot up.

So I reinstalled windows.what a pain.have to tweak all over again. And install all progz. Find my bookmarks, etc.

But that's not what's really annoying. It seems my video card went a little wonky. Or is freaking out because I haven't installed the driver. The fan won't shut off. It's an nvidia geforce something or other. Have to look that up. It's on full blast all the time now. Don'tknow how to stop it.

Hopefully the proper driver will be the solution. Otherwise time for new vid card.

Whatever those updates were they were bad news. Everything went kerflewy.

The bad just doesn't stop coming. It's relentless.