Plumbing Fun

Today I did something I'd never done before. I changed the cartridge and handle assembly in my downstairs bathroom faucet. For many this is onld hat. But for a virgin it was a daunting prospect. The unknown is always intimidating.

I watched a youtube video about it before hand and felt quite confident I was well versed with the task.

It turned out to be a relatively simple task. Which was nice.

That old advice about arranging the dissembled parts in order was extremely helpful in the reassembly.

I did hit a snag when a grey plastic screw on collar piece did not want to screw on all the way. Dunno what happened. It had previously screwed on nicely when I had played with assembling the new parts before attempting the on the actual faucet. Perhaps I was too hard on it in my first attempt to attach it. I was unaware of how delicate it was. I'm not exactly a big strong brute. Was flaberghasted at how easily it was destroyed. But the beginnign plastic threads were crushed and there was no convincing it to couple with the white plastic piece it was meant to marry.

Luckily the old part was still functional and more than willing to take its place.

For a first attempt it was very well and the faucet no longer leaks. So mission accomplished. I don't want there to be a next time, but if there is, it will no doubt go even more smoothly.

Next stop, entire faucet replacement.