What to Watch

I've been actively searching for some things to watch. TV shows or movies. The pickings are slim. Dying for Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad to come back. In the mean while I've explored several other options. Contiumm, Nurse Jackie and Top of the Lake.

Continuum appeals to the sci fi fan in me. I love me some good old fashioned time travel nonsense. Doesn't get any better than that. Nurse Jackie is an interesting juxtapostion of humor and cutting drame. Top of the Lake is Peggy Olsen in New Zealand pretending to be a cop. She's a copywriter in Manhanttan in the sixties. How can she also be a police detective in New Zealand in the 2000's. More time travel nonsense to feed my addiction.

Movies and TV shows from New Zealand are strange to me. They have the overall feel of something made in the deep American south. They are very rural and Deliverance-like. I enjoy this.

Canadian TV shows are calm and quietly intense. They are similar to our own. Less yelling and a softer tone. Sometimes this is good. Depends.

Pay tv shows have the benefit of sex and curse words. On the surface this might not seem like an enhancement. But real life is filled with both. So this lends to their authenticity.

On the whole I haven't really been able to find any new of great note. I'll keep searching though.