Cardassians, Bajorans and the Dominion

I recently watched the movie Would You Rather? I watched it because I am a diehard lover of bad horror movies. They are like comedy movies to me. I laugh and squirm and laugh some more. It's fun.

All throughout the movie the rich guy's voice was driving me crazy. It sounded so familiar. Yet his face held no such inflections. It was almsot as intriguing as the movie itself.

It was gorish and blatant. Just how I like them. I wriggled and gasped with utter delight as each challenge unfolded steadily increasing the ghoul factor. It was just the kind of horror movie I thoroughly enjoy. Impish and unapologetic. The ironic twist at the end. Which I won't give away. Was not shocking. I kinda figured that's what would happen. Since it just felt so fitting.

Turns out the rich guy's voice was that of Weyhoun from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Weyhoun was the main Vorta representative of the Dominion. There were many Weyhouns. As Vortas were clones. But all Weyhouns were played by Jeffery Combs. And he was the sinister rich guy in the Would You Rather movie.

That kinda made me sad to find that out. He was really subtle and perfectly alien evil as Weyhoun. He deserves better roles than kuje this. It was a devilishly fun movie. But not the kind actors usually brag about on their resumes.

That's exactly what the world is lacking right now. A new and good (emphasis on good) incarnation of the classic Star Trek franchise.

No! The JJ Abrams prequel movies do NOT count!

Something featuring Gul Dukat in his earlier years. The Cardassian occupation of Bajor. The Bajoran revolt. That would be an awesome new Star Trek series.

The title would be: Terok Nor.