Sci Fi TV

I've discovered the britsh series Misfits and am quite enchanted with it. Both humorous and serious, I love that. It's that kind of irreverant humor that lends itself well to sullen drama tales below. It also has a bit of the sci-fi/supernatural influence.

It's cheeky good fun so far. And I've only just gotten started with it. It has an ovearll Bufy vibe that really excites me.

Am also interestd in another British import called Outcasts. It looks to have promise. Which is way more sci-fi than Misbits. Much less Buffy and oodles more Babylon 5. Reminds me a little bit of Torchwood. Which was awesome. I'd love to have some more Captain Jack Harkness in my life.

Where have all the good sci-fi and fantasy shows gone? God help me, I'm considering watching Star Trek Voyager.