Easy Dieting Tricks

Here's a neat little trick to eat less without really feeling it. Recently I've been trying to loose a little weight. I went a little nuts over the past few months and gained a few pounds. So I've been making an effort to shed them.

I have a big appetite. Especially for someone my size. I'm a pretty small person under normal circumstances. But I love food. The taste. The feel. The experience of eating. I have a bit of an addictive personality. Food included. I really enjoy eating.

It's a scientifically verifiable phenomenon. Eating makes us feel good. It release endorphin in the brain. And they trigger a sense of well being and pleasure. It's similar to sex and orgasm.

My latest trick is to fool myself spatially. I put a slice of bread in the bottom of my bowl before adding my rice mixture on top. This makes the bowl seem much fuller than it ordinarily would to my eye.

What I put on top of the bread in my bowl varies. But it's usually a mixture of rice, vegetables and beans. Spiced with garlic and other such wonderful things.

The bread below soaks up the sauce and spices from the concocation above. I fill my bowl with less food. And get to eat the spicy bread in the end. It has been working out quite well.

I eat one bowl like that. Then another the same way, but consume the bread below as well. I'm usually full my that time. If not, a handulf of dry roasted almonds (5-7 pieces) finished me off.

To curb my dessert cravings I use quaker cinnamon oatmeal squares cereal in almond milk Just a really small bowl full. 1 cup is considered a serving. I try to use about 2/3 cup instead. It's sweet and cinnamony and satisfies my craving for cookies and chocolate. It also fills me up so I'm not hungry.

What I find most important to maintaining a low cal diet is occasionally cheating. If you deprive yourself too much you'll binge. If you give yourself a little leeway it's easier to stay the course in the long run.