Normal People

I've often wondered why if you're unhappy and antisocial that automatically means there's something wrong with you. Sure it could mean that. Definitely. But why does the world at large, the mental health community especially, assume that it must mean that.

I've always thought that maybe it's the happy people who have something seriously wrong with them. Why are they happy? There's absolutely no reason for being happy. The world is crazy and sucky and harsh. The happy people seem like the delusional crazy ones to me.

Happy people. Most people. They all just seems like mindless automatons to me. One after the other spewing out the same frivilous drivel. Do any of them have an original thought?

It could be that they're all on medication to correct their less than happy defects. Everyone is medicated. Everyone has a mood disorder or anxiety issue. If it happens that often isn't that a clear scientific indicator that that is the norm. If 90% of the population need anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds doesn't that mean they are 'normal'. The very definition of normal is what happens most often. What is the most prevalent behavior. So if depression and anxiety are so common that must mean they are normal. And being happy and optimistic is actually crazy and abnormal.

What we need to do is start medicating the naturally happy folks to fix them. They're the crazy and irrational ones.